BitChute Video Upload Stuck on Processing Screen (Solutions)

This a frustrating problem at the moment for content creators trying to upload videos on BitChute. We go to the upload screen, and the video seems to upload fairly fast initially, but then it often just stays stuck on a black screen that just says “Your video is being processed”.

It can stay like this for hours, even for really short videos. This is happening to quite a few BitChute members at the moment; lets look at some of the ways around this problem:

You may have to wait a while for the video to finish processing, or else delete and re-upload the video a few times to see if it goes through. You may also want to try another free video hosting service like Rumble or, which may provide faster and more reliable uploads.

Let’s look at different ways of dealing with this issue in more detail.

Try Waiting For It to Process

Sometimes, the videos do go through if you wait long enough. However, it isn’t guaranteed. the Bitchute servers seem to be really overloaded at the moment, and it’s difficult to tell when they’ll recover or upgrade to the capacity necessary at the moment to handle the unprecedented demand of people switching over from YouTube.

If you’ve something else you need to do, you can leave it in the background for a while and come back to it to see if it’s uploaded. Getting feedback from some users though, it may take hours, or not even happen at all, so it’s not really a reliable method.

Some users can come back several days later, and the video will still show as processing. Sometimes they will find it has been processed after several days. It’s very variable at the moment.

Try Deleting and Re-uploading

Another option is to simply delete the initial video and try re-uploading it. This can sometimes work for users, but again not always, but is worth a try. Sometimes it will require many tries over several days to get a video uploaded if you are having this problem.

To delete a video, log into your account and click on the video you want to delete. Once it loads, there should be a Settings option next to Watch, just above the actual video. Click on it.

Once it loads, there should be an set of options in red on the right hand side of the screen. At the bottom should be an option to Delete video.

Then once deleted, you can try re-uploading to see if it processes quicker. Again, it may require several tries to get it uploaded.

Also, if your current video is in a MKV format, try coverting it to MP4 instead, as this has sometimes been known to help, but again even MP4 format videos may need several attempts before the video finally uploads.

Try Uploading at Off Peak Times

This is another tactic if server overload is causing this issue – try not to upload videos when everyone else is. One would have to presume that the US is currently the biggest market in terms of people switching over to Bitchute, so their servers will struggle the most at peak usage times in the USA – evenings and weekends USA time.

Try uploading outside these times to see if you get more success – maybe early hours of the morning, or very early between 5-7 am, before most people get up.

BitChute Premium Is Available

Another option to consider if you’re struggling and using the free BitChute service is to upgrade to a Premium membership to see if this delivers better performance.

Premium memberships start out at $5 per month and include perks like being able to have multiple playlists on your channel. I cannot speak as to whether the Premium membership actually delivers faster and more reliable uploads, but it’s worth trying if you want to stay on the platform and support their growth.

In fairness, many of the larger content creators that were already well known on YouTube before seem to get their videos to load somewhat quicker and more reliably than smaller channels. Maybe that’s because they are on Premium memberships.

Click here to check out BitChute premium memberships. Click here to donate the BitChute to help them grow. We’ll also cover alternative video hosting platforms further below.

BitChute Will Become More Reliable Over Time

To understand why this is happening, let’s put the current situation into context. Over the course of 2020 and into 2021, YouTube has actively pursued an extremely aggressive purge of content creators who are uploading videos that do not fit the left leaning ideology of the Silicon Valley Tech companies, or are discussing controversial topics where mainstream narratives are being challenged.

The result is that many content creators have been left without a place to host their videos, and many have switched over to BitChute as an alternative platform, since it has a strong policy of free speech.

However, the number of people switching over has been so large that BitChute have not been able to keep up with the demands being placed on their (currently limited) infrastructure, and this is why their service can be slow at the moment.

Added to this, in late 2020, BitChute themselves were de-platformed by some of their service providers, which briefly took them offline and has also made it even harder to keep up with servers demand, when they were struggling already to begin with.

Therefore, it is important to understand that it took YouTube and the other big tech companies years and billions of dollars of investment to build up the server infrastructure necessary to reliably allow uploading and streaming of videos, and it is very hard for much smaller companies with not nearly the same access to investment to catch up and provide an equally reliable service in a short space of time.

However, over time they will adjust to the demand and develop a more reliable service. They will also receive grassroots investment as many people appreciate them standing up for free speech for content creators.

It may require some patience therefore, but BitChute will get there in the end, and possible become a mainstream video sharing platform. They just need some investment, which will likely come soon, and content creators should applaud them for their anti-censorship stance.

Another good strategy right now is to spread out the demands across different video sharing platforms, as BitChute isn’t the only alternative platform to YouTube. There’s also other free hosting platforms you can upload videos to – let’s cover some of these now

Alternative Platforms to BitChute

If you keep having problems with uploading on Bitchute, then it might be best to just switch across to another video hosting platform altogether, at least temporarily

YouTube is the most obvious video sharing platform, but most people are only on Bitchute in the first place because YouTube has deleted their videos using it’s selectively and subjectively applied “Terms of Service” policies as the justification.

Let’s therefore look at some alternative video hosting platforms other than YouTube that you can use which meet the following criteria:

  • Free to join and upload
  • Reliable and reasonably fast uploads and streaming.
  • Videos are embeddable on other sites
  • Zero censorship (or at least much less than YouTube).

Alternative #1 – Rumble – Our number one recommended choice right now. Free to join and upload, reliable uploads and streaming, fully embeddable videos. Strongly pro free speech. Great option.

Alternative #2 – – Another free platform, reasonable upload speeds, embeddable videos, monetization options, can sync with YouTube if you’re still on there. Zero censorship.

Alternative #3 – Dailymotion – Free to join and upload, reasonable servers, can embed videos, mainstream style site.

Alternative #4 – Vimeo – Free to upload up to 5GB worth of videos total. Need to pay to use more. Good servers, but only for much smaller, static channels.

See our full article on alternative embeddable video hosting platforms which covers each of these in a bit more detail, including full pro’s and cons for each.

At a minimum, all platforms are free to join and upload, and are as of now at least reliable in terms of uploads and streaming.


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