Cannot Connect to Disney Plus (Full Solutions List)

The Disney Plus online streaming platform launched in late 2019 to great anticipation, but it has not been without problems. There were connection issues at launch, and there have continued to be problems for some users in accessing the service.

In this article, we want to provide a thorough troubleshooting guide for users who are struggling to connect online with Disney+ on any device, providing as many different options as possible to find the cause of the problem, plus some suitable fixes.

Here’s a summary of the most common fixes:

  1. Check that Disney+ isn’t down on social media.
  2. Try quick resetting and updating your devices, app and routers.
  3. Try deleting and re-installing the app
  4. Use a VPN service if your need to change your location
  5. Check your device and browser is compatible with Disney+
  6. Make sure you aren’t using it with too many devices
  7. Make sure that your account isn’t locked.
  8. Check your connection and switch to wired if possible.

Let’s look at each of these solutions in more detail, plus some other ones, and also summarize the main known error codes that can come up on the Disney Plus service.

A Quick Summary of the Most Common Disney+ Error Codes (Plus Quick Fixes)

Let’s start with a quick overview of the most common causes and solutions to the common Disney+ error codes, since the way to get back online with the service will depend on which error code/number you were given in the first place.

Some of the errors are opaque and without a clearly defined cause or solution, but here is a list of the ones we could pin down. We’ll have more detailed troubleshooting steps in the following sections.

  1. Error 4 – Payment Issue – Make sure the card linked to your account is valid, hasn’t been blocked, has not expired and is not from a country where Disney+ is not available.
  2. Error 9 – Login/payment Issue – Check your login info is correct, as well as your payment/billing info.
  3. Error 11 – Content Availability Issue – Make sure your location is accurate, and your IP address isn’t in a country where the content isn’t available. Turn off any VPNs you are using, reset location settings. Refresh your connection.
  4. Error 13 – Device Limit – Using too many devices. Sign out on some devices, change password to restrict access. Max 4 devices allowed at the same time at time of writing.
  5. Error 22 – Restricted Content – Turn off any VPNs, sign out of Kids mode, reset location settings. Make sure location shows as the actual country you are in. Make sure content is available in your region.
  6. Error 24/43 – Login/Connection Issue – Check internet connection (see Tip #5 section above). Reset and power cycle devices, sign in and out of Disney+, check billing details.
  7. Error 25 – Internal Error – Refresh connection, refresh web player, sign out and back in again, reset devices and router.
  8. Error 30 – Device Registration Issue – Check your device is compatible (see section above), sign out and in again on the device. Make sure device/operating system is fully updated to the latest version.
  9. Error 31 – Location Issue – Reset location settings, make sure it shows as the actual country you are in. Turn off any VPNs or other IP masking software. Turn location services on (auto-detects where you are).
  10. Error 32 – Login/Password Issue – Make sure password is entered correctly, sign out and back in again, check payment/billing details. Reset password.
  11. Error 35/36 – Restricted Content – Check content is available, Make sure location is accurate, turn off any VPNs, Reset location settings, sign out of Kids Mode.
  12. Error 38 – Time Settings – Ensure time/clock on your device is accurate, or set to “automatic” or world clock time. If the time on your device is not accurate, this error will come up.
  13. Error 39 – Xbox Issue – Specifically applies to Xbox game console. Make sure you aren’t streaming at the same time on other devices. Sign out of Disney+ on these devices and refresh on Xbox One.
  14. Error 41 – Traffic Overload – Too many people trying to watch a show. Can happen with popular new releases. Try again later.
  15. Error 42Service Connection Issues –  Vague error. Could be a problem with Disney or your connection. Check on social media for news of service outages (Tip #1), or the strength of your connection (Tip #5). Also try quick resetting and fully unplugging your device and router for a few minutes. Try clearing browser cache. Check your internet speeds are adequate for HD streaming (at least 5 Mbps). If your home network is busy, try kicking some devices off or try later when it’s less busy.
  16. Error 73 – Location Availability Issue – Same as Error 31. Check your location is accurate, disable any VPNs, reset location settings. Check the title is available in your country. Reset device and modem.
  17. Error 76 – Server Overload – As above, wait and try again later. Logout and back in again, reset device and router, delete and reinstall the app.
  18. Error 83 – Device Compatibility – See Tip #4 section above. Check your device is compatible. Reset it, and make sure the firmware/operating system is up to date. If problems persist, try using another device. Contact Disney Support if your device is compatible but problems persist.

Tip #1 – Check For Disney+ Server Errors

This is the first thing to check, since the Disney Plus service is subject to server errors from their end from time to time, which are not the user’s fault. So be sure to check social media for any updates on the current status of the service, plus whether any other users are having problems, since word will quickly get around on Twitter and other platforms is the service is down in a certain country.

If the service itself is down, it’s unfortunately just a case of waiting for it to be fixed.

Sometimes these service outages can also only happen in certain countries or regions, so if you are based outside the USA, it’s best to check the local social media pages for your country.

It’s also important to be aware that when these outages are fixed, often once word spreads the service is back online, everyone tries to connect back to the service at once, which can overload the servers and cause more connection issues.

Again it’s a case of waiting this out until Disney gets on top of traffic demands. The service is still quite young so they’ll get better and better as time goes on.

Tip #2 – Try Some Quick Reboots, Resets & Updates

If you are sure that the Disney+ service itself is working fine, then it’s time to take a quick look at your devices and home network.

The first thing to try when you get these kind of connection errors is some quick reboots and resets of your devices:

  • Try resetting the Disney Plus app, your device and your router. If your router light is orange, there might be a problem with your internet service; check the current status of your ISP on Downdetector.
  • Make sure the app is fully updated to the latest version if you are using the app.
  • Where applicable, make sure the operating system on your device is updated to the latest version and firmware.
  • Disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi for 60 seconds, and then reconnect to refresh the connection.
  • As a last resort, try fully deleting and reinstalling the Disney+ app.

Sometimes having devices and versions of the app which are not fully up to date can cause compatibility issues, so be sure to check everything is fully up to date.

Tip#3 – Use a VPN If Required (Error #31 and #73)

You might need to try this one if you get error number 31 or 73 pop up – Location/Location Availability issue. This means that Disney Plus isn’t available in your current location, as determined by your device’s IP address.

This means one of two things:

  1. Disney Plus isn’t available in that country at all; see here for a list of countries.
  2. Access is not allowed because of your IP address shows you are in a different country to the country of the account your are trying to log into (eg. you’re trying to login into Disney+ Canada, when you are in the UK).

If your IP address is wrong, and you are actually in the same country, then contact Disney Plus support and let them know.

If you are in a different country though, then you need to use a VPN software to change your IP address and location to the country that your Disney Plus account is based in, and gain access. A Virtual Private Network or VPN allows you to mask your real IP address and use a new one in a chosen country, which can allow access to streaming services when outside that country.

Free VPNs are almost always useless in accessing streaming services, and there is a constant cat-and-mouse battle between VPN providers and streaming services, where the latter keep finding and blocking VPN IP addresses, and the former keep issuing new ones to fool them again, and so on.

Therefore, you need a good, reputable Premium VPN with a strong emphasis on providing streaming servers to gain access to a streaming service like Disney Plus when outside the country.

Three good options for streaming Disney+ are:

  • ExpressVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • NordVPN

Tip #4 – Get Authorization Codes For Shared Accounts

This is another common issue when multiple users are sharing the same Disney+ account.

If you are getting error message when trying to log into the service, and you are sharing the account with others, sometimes you may notice a small yellow notification dot in the top right corner of the browser of the device you are trying to stream on.

If this is there, click on it to get a 6 digit verification code. Once you enter this, you can sometimes connect to the service when you couldn’t before.

As of now, there are 7 different profiles allowed on a Disney Plus account. Also be aware that as of the time of writing, the number of simultaneous devices allowed to stream the Disney+ service is limited to 4.

So if you are over any of these limits, then this may be why you can’t connect. Error Code 13 is a common one to see if you have reached your device limit.

Also, another troubleshooting tip if you cannot seem to access your account is to try and log in to someone else’s account that you know is working fine and isn’t blocked.

If this works fine, then you know it is an issue with your particular Disney+ account, and not the network or the wider service.

In these cases, it is best to contact Disney+ support through the app or website, and see what the problem is with your account. It may need verifying, or have been blocked due to suspected hacking or suspicious activity.

Also check that your payment details are valid and fully up to date, and that you are not using the service on too many different devices.

Tip #5 – Check Device & Browser Compatibility

Some user simply try connecting to the Disney Plus service directly through the browser on a device, and not through the app. In this case, it is important to check that the device and/or browser you are using is compatible.

Error 83 is often what appears if you have a compatibility issue.

In fairness, Disney+ have most devices covered; here is a full list compatible devices/browsers:

Disney+ compatible devices:

  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • PS4/PS5
  • Xbox One/Xbox X
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Chromecast
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • iOS

A notable exception to this list is the Nintendo Switch, which as of now doesn’t support Disney+. This will likely change at some point though. There is also no support for Linux, regardless of the browser or device.

Disney+ compatible browsers:

  • For Windows – Compatible with Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  • For Mac OS – Compatible with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • For Chrome OS – Compatible with Chrome.

As we covered above, also make sure that the firmware on your device and/or browser you are using is fully updated to the latest version. Other than that you should be fine using any of the above with Disney Plus.

Tip #6 – Check the Strength of Your Internet Connection

This is something to watch out for especially if you are trying to connect to Disney Plus via Wi-Fi, and further away from the router. Sometimes the connection can simply be too weak and unstable for streaming, and lead to error codes coming up. If you can connect fine right next to the router or with a cable, then this is probably the issue.

In these cases, the obvious solution is to either move closer to your router if on Wi-Fi, or preferably switch to a wired connection instead if your device supports it. This will provide a much more solid connection than Wi-Fi. You can also try quickly resetting your devices as mentioned above.

Click the links to view 10m ethernet cables on Amazon. It’s one option, though obviously not everyone wants to be trailing wires all through the house.

For those who are a long way from the router on Wi-Fi and don’t want to be using long network cables, then a Powerline Adapter is another clever solution that can deliver a wired connection at distance.

They consist of a pair of adapter plugs with ethernet ports on each one – you plug one in and connect it to your router, you plug the other one in and connect it to your device, and the two adapters then communicate over the electrical wiring of the house to transfer data and provide a wired ethernet connection to your device.

They are basically clever way of turning a wall socket into an internet access point, and can be an ideal solution for streaming in houses where the wiring is in good enough condition to allow the adapters to deliver a solid connection to each other.

See the quick video below for a 2 minute demonstration of how these clever home networking solutions work.

Running a Wired Connection a Long Way From Your Router (Powerline)


You can find links to the TP Link Nano Powerline adapter, pictured below, plus more advanced models, on Amazon.

Powerline adapters can be a great way to deliver a wired connection to streaming devices even a long way from the router


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