Does Cue Streaming Work On Games Consoles? (PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox X/Switch)

Cue Streaming are an excellent newcomer to the TV/on demand/streaming market, with lots of positives going for them versus the competition. Their service works on lots of different devices, but are games consoles among them?

This is actually one of the few negatives I could find about this service. Cue Streaming does not currently work with games consoles. A Webplayer app is available for most other desktop/mobile/tablet/portable devices, but not for games consoles yet.

In other words,you can’t as of the time of writing access Cue Streaming via your Playstation or Xbox or Switch console. Although an app may be developed in the future which allows this, it doesn’t exist currently, and an app or Firestick is required to receive the service.

Also, the service cannot be accessed via the web browser on your games console, since it requires a special app which you need to download which isn’t available yet on these devices.

However, most of the other major streaming services you’d know about, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Video, etc, do have apps for all major games consoles (see here for full list). But no Cue Streaming app yet.

So What Devices Are Compatible With Cue Streaming?

Games consoles are pretty much the ONLY major device type that aren’t listed on the compatible devices page on Cue Streaming’s website:

So while Cue streaming doesn’t work on consoles, it DOES work on:

  • Smart TVs (Firestick plus some additional setup required)
  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Android phones
  • Most iPhones
  • iPads
  • Macbooks
  • iMacs
  • Tablets

All the mobile/desktop/tablet/netbook devices don’t required a Firestick, but do required a special Cue Streaming Webplayer app that you’re given instructions on how to download once you sign up.

A version of this app hasn’t yet been developed for games consoles, which is why they can’t currently be used to receive Cue Streaming yet (this may change in the future, but I guess creating apps for games consoles either wasn’t possible or wasn’t top of their list of priorities as a newcomer service).

What Is Required To Start Using Cue Streaming?

Let’s cut through any confusion on this by listing exactly what is required to get started using Cue Streaming. Even if you can’t yet use it on games consoles, there’s loads of other devices you can use it on, so let’s list what you need to get started.

  1. An internet connection – REGARDLESS of the device you want to watch Cue Streaming on, you still need an internet connection via a modem/router and a live service provided by an ISP, to receive the service. This may change, but as long as we’re using the “current” internet, this still holds true. You can’t access the service if you aren’t connected to the internet.
  2. Firestick (TV Only) – If watching Cue Streaming through a Smart TV, you will also need a Firestick, one for each TV used to receive the service, plus some initial setup steps to receive the service. If you don’t already have these, they are simple, one time purchases on Amazon that cost around $20-40 each.
  3. WebPlayer app (other devices) – If watching Cue Streaming through any other device (desktop, mobile, tablet etc), Firesticks are NOT needed – just the device, and internet connection and a subscription, plus the WebPlayer app you’re given a link to download. Again, this app is available for most major devices, just not games consoles yet.
  4. Subscription – You need to sign up to the Cue Service on their website and pay your monthly subscription to use the service. There’s no commitment and you can cancel at any time. 5 devices are allowed per subscription.

Getting Started With Cue Streaming

Even if you can’t watch Cue Streaming on games consoles, most people are going to have at least a couple of other devices they can watch it on. If the great pricing, flexible terms and large channel library are attractive to you, then switching over to them is usually not too hard.

Here’s a run down of the steps again:

  1. Make sure you have an internet service, plus one Firestick per TV you want to use with the service.
  2. Go to the Cue Streaming website
  3. Click Sign Up and fill in your details
  4. Pay your subscription ($59.99/month, 5 devices per account, no contract, no set up fees, cancel anytime).
  5. Run through some easy initial setup depending on your device (TVs take a little longer)
  6. You’re good to go, watching most or all of the channels you currently watch.


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