How To Watch The Inbetweeners UK Online In The UK (Multiple Options)

The original UK version of the Inbetweeners is a great sitcom that continues to be very popular with UK viewers more than 10 years after the main series’ finished. There was a US remake, but it’s generally considered nowhere near as good as the original. More recently, watching other people especially from America watch and react to the UK version for the first time and find it equally hilarious, I found really funny.

But for people actually based in the UK – what are the different ways you can actually watch the Inbetweeners series 1-3 (plus the movies)? They do repeat on TV sometimes, on Channel 4’s various spin-off channels, but not all the time. You could also buy the DVDs online if you want to, or even pay to watch them on the official YouTube channel.

But what other, more unofficial, and free ways are there to watch the UK shows again on demand from the UK?

The good news is there there are actually multiple FREE ways to watch the UK Inbetweeners shows from inside the UK (for readers based in the USA, we also have a separate guide on how to access the episodes from there as well).

Let’s get started with all the different options!

Option #1 – Watch For Free on All 4

This is probably the most official current channel through which you can watch all the UK Inbetweeners episodes on demand, for free (but with ads).

Channel 4’s own online on demand catch up streaming services – known as All 4 or My 4 – has all the UK Inbetweeners episodes that you can watch on demand whenever you like.

You do need to register but it’s easy; you can Sign up to All 4/My 4 here. You just need a few basic details, plus to verify your registration by the email you supplied, and you’re ready to go. Make sure you’re based inside the UK with a UK IP address, otherwise, you won’t be able to stream the episodes.

Then you should be ready to go watching all the UK Inbetweeners episodes from all 3 series on the All 4 platform!

As with most of these streaming services, there are quite a lot of ads to sit through, but there’s no charge to use the service.

Option #2 – Watch On All Brit YouTube Channel (VPN Required)

Here’s another more roundabout way of watching the UK Inbetweeners for free – you can do it on YouTube with a little bit of work. There’s a YouTube channel called All Brit, which has all the episodes on there for free.

Click here to see the full All Brit Playlist of UK Inbetweeners episodes. The videos are blocked in the UK and some other countries, but are currently available to users in the USA.

However, these episodes are blocked for users in the UK because of rights restrictions, and only really accessible to users based in the USA and a few other countries.

But it’s not the end of the world, because you can still use a Virtual Private Network or VPN to change your IP address and make it appear as though you’re in the United States, which will then unlock the videos for you to watch online.

And the goods news is you don’t even need to pay, because there are some good free VPN options, with unlimited use, that also have USA servers.

Here’s how you go about accessing the All Brit Inbetweeners videos from the UK:

Step #1 – Sign up for a free VPN – You’ve got a couple of good, unlimited free VPN options:

  • ProtonVPN (unlimited)
  • TurboVPN (unlimited)
  • PrivadoVPN (10 GB/month)

All of these options have free USA servers – click the links to sign up and download any of these. It doesn’t matter which as they should all work.

Step #2Open up USA VPN connection – Install and load up whichever VPN you’ve selected, and pick any USA server. This changes your apparent IP address and location to make it look like you’re based in the USA

Step #3 – Start Watching – Once you’ve got an American IP address, go back to the All Brit Inbetweeners Playlist here, and the episodes should now load, ready for you to watch. Because of the distance, the connection might not be the fastest, but it’s still always been good enough to watch the videos whenever I’ve tried it. Try picking a server on the East side of America (eg. New York, Washington, New Jersey), nearest the UK, rather than California, for best speeds.

With these episodes, be aware that some of the background music in some scenes has been swapped out for more generic music, presumably because of right issues. Also, some of the episodes are listed as “hidden” – YouTube is weird with some of this stuff. But these are only minor things and the humour of the episodes is still there.

Also, the episodes are not in order on the playlist either; here’s a list of all 3 series episodes in order:

Series 1 (2008):

Series 2 (2009):

Series 3 (2010):

Option #3 – Watch on Amazon Prime Video UK (Subscription Required)

Another more official channel to watch the UK Inbetweeners episodes is on the Amazon Prime video UK streaming service. They do have all the episodes, but they’re not currently available for free – you need to subscribe to watch.

If you’re already subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, then you’re actually good to go, and in fact the episodes are currently available for free with a 7 day trial of BritBox (5.99/month after that), so you could even binge watch them within a week (very possible to do!) without paying anything extra.

If you’re not subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, you can sign up here. Then, you may get offered a free trial of that service, plus a free 7 day trial of BritBox, so you may even be able to watch for free initially. Or you may have to pay for the Prime Video access, and then use the BritBox free trial to access.

Either way, there may be a cost to watch the episodes for some users, but it’s another way of streaming them. Make sure to cancel any subscriptions you don’t want before the end of any free trials to avoid being charged.

Option #4 – Watch On Amazon Video USA (VPN Required)

If you want, you can be a little more strategic and instead stream the UK Inbetweeners episodes on the American version of Amazon Video, where they’re actually currently free!

Again though, you have to use a VPN like we covered in Option #2, to make it appear as though you’re based in the USA, to stream the episodes.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install any free VPN with American servers as covered in Option #2 above. ProtonVPN and TurboVPN’s free versions are good choices.
  2. Activate any VPN connection with a USA server location.
  3. Log in to your account (not, or create one. You can sign up to the American Amazon Prime/Video here (30 day free trials are commonly offered for new users).
  4. Find and start watching the Inbetweeners UK episodes on the Amazon Video service. They’re currently available to stream for free, with ads, on the Freevee service. I even managed to watch without a Prime subscription.

This is a great way to access them for free if you’re willing to use a bit of freely available technology.

Watching The Inbetweeners UK Movies

The two spin-off Inbetweeners movies from 2011 and 2014 are also funny, with the first one perhaps more highly rated by most viewers, but they’re harder to find to watch online.

You might be better off buying the DVDs, but here are some links to watch online:

  • Inbetweeners UK Movie 1 (2011) – Harder to find decent versions online, but see here for a link (sign in to confirm age required), and also here (sign in also required)
  • Inbetweeners UK Movie 2 (2014) – See here for a link (backup link here)


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