Is Cue Streaming Available On Roku?

The excellent Cue Streaming service is growing fast in popularity with users, with a great channel selection and very attractive pricing.

But one thing potential users want to know is what streaming platforms and devices it’s available on. Roku sticks in general are very popular with regular streamers, so it’s a common question to want to know if Cue Streaming is available for Roku devices.

Cue Streaming is not currently available for Roku devices. However it is compatible with other streaming devices such as JVC Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast and Fire TV Cube, plus most Amazon Firesticks.

If you pull up the Roku App Store and do a search for “Cue”, the following results show up:

Cue Streaming isn’t on there yet unfortunately. The CueTV app is a different service with on demand opera/ballet content. It’s not the same as the Cue Streaming service.

Keep your eyes peeled and keep visiting the Roku App store on the link above, as it’s likely to become available on there at some point. It’s just not on there just yet. Cue Streaming are a relative newcomer service, still growing, and still working hard to optimize their service, including making it available on more devices.

Streaming Devices Compatible With Cue Streaming

If Cue Streaming isn’t yet available on Roku, the next obvious question is which streaming devices is it available on. See the graphic and list below.

Full list of compatible devices/streaming sticks:

  • Android TV
  • JVC Fire TV
  • JVC Fire TV 4K
  • Chromecast TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Sony Android TV 7.0
  • Amazon Firesticks
  • Fire TV Cube

Therefore if you do want to use Cue Streaming on a TV, this is one the devices you need. The Fire TV sticks are a good bet as technical support is offered for these, but any of the others will work as well with some usually simple setup steps (guides coming soon on this blog).


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