How To Update Your Playlist On Cue Streaming App

Note – this article is now largely superceded by the new Cue Streaming app launched in November 2023. First, it’s advised to update to this new app if using a Firestick device on a TV. See here for our new guide on doing this.

Cue Streaming are a relative newcomer to the on demands TV/streaming market, and they already have an impressive channel selection in their launch catalogue.

But the even better news is that they’re constantly improving their catalogue to provide more channels and series to watch, and to get access to the new content, you will need to update your playlist within the Cue Streaming app you might be using with your TV (along with a Firestick).

See our guide on setting up Cue Streaming on your TV with a Firestick for the very first time – downloading the app and playlist and getting started with your account details.

But this quick guide is for users who already have the service installed, and just want to update to the latest playlist to get the latest content.

Here are the quick steps:

Step #1 – Load up the Cue Streaming app on your Firestick, and go to the Settings

Step #2 – On the menu/interface that appears, click Add Playlist, then Xstream Codes, then select Server Code, and then enter 001 in the box that appears, then click Next:


Step #3 – Enter your username and and then your password for your Cue Streaming account in the next boxes that pop up (these are both sent to your email when you signed up to the service, and are case sensitive). Click Next to enter each one.

Step #4 – On the next screen that loads up, select Playlist Name, and enter CUE2 (or whatever the latest playlist is) in the box that comes up and click Next

(CUE2 is the latest up to date playlist available as of summer 2023. Check your emails/inbox from Cue Streaming for more updates. Presumably new playlists in the future will be named “CUE3”, “CUE4”, etc, as more content gets added to their catalogue. But CUE2 is the latest one at the time of writing).

Step #5 – Once the Playlist is entered, click Done on the right hand side, and then OK on the next screen. You may need to wait a few minutes while your device downloads all the channels into your TV guide/menu system. After that, a TV/channel guide should appear, just like with any other provider, and the latest version of the Cue Streaming service with new content/channels is ready to stream on your TV – enjoy!

Step #6 – Delete your old playlist(s).


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