Installing The New Cue Streaming App (New & Existing Customers – November 2023 Update)

Note – this guide covers installing the Cue Streaming app on Firestick devices to use it with a TV. For all other devices, there’s a different setup process that uses a WebPlayer.

Cue Streaming are an excellent newcomer to the streaming market, who are improving their service all the time. Part of this involves commonly updating their playlist (see our guide on this). But now they’ve gone a step further and released a whole new app for TVs with better, more streamlined performance.

If you’re an existing customer using the Cue Streaming on a TV with a Firestick, it’s a good idea to upgrade to this newer app version for better performance. And if you’re a new customer, it’ll just be the standard way to install the Cue Streaming app to get started using the service. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the quick steps to install the new Cue Streaming app:

  1. Delete all previous app versions plus any .apk files for existing customers.
  2. Install and open the Downloader app
  3. Select Allow if prompted
  4. Enter cue.apk in the search bar and click Go
  5. Enable Developer Options if needed.
  6. Click Install twice when prompted
  7. Click Open…..Add new source
  8. Select Cue Streaming.
  9. Enter your account username and password and click Next
  10. Leave settings as Default and click Add
  11. Click Done on the next screen
  12. Wait a few minutes for content to load
  13. The new app is installed and ready to use.

Now let’s run through more detailed, illustrated steps on how to install the new Cue Streaming app, either from scratch or to replace the old one.

Preliminary Steps For Installing The New App

Preliminary Step (Existing Customers) – Delete old app version – If you’re already on Cue Streaming, you need to first delete all previous versions of the Cue Streaming app from your Firestick devices, as well as any .apk files from your Downloader app on the Firestick. Find both these items on your device and follow the steps to delete/clear them so you’re starting totally fresh with the new app version. See here for a video on deleting apps from Firestick devices.

Preliminary Step (New Customers) – If you’re wanting to use Cue Streaming on a TV, a Firestick device is needed for every TV used, to install the app on. If you’re already familiar with using Firesticks then great – go to the main steps below. If you’re not, see our guide on using Firesticks with Cue Streaming for easy and quick setup instructions for your Firestick for first time users.

Main Steps For Installing The New App

Step #1 – Find the Downloader app on your Firestick using the search or voice feature:


Step #2 – Open the Downloader app (or install if if not already on the device):


Step #3 – When the Downloader app is opened, select Allow to allow access to files on your device:


Step #4 – Load up the search bar in the Downloader app and enter into the box and click Go:

This begins the downloading process for the new Cue Streaming app.

Note The following Steps #5-8 are needed only if you haven’t already installed the Downloader app and enabled Developer Options to allow unknown apps. If you’ve already done this, skip to step #9. If you’re a first time installer, you may have to follow these next few steps (see our old setup guide for more detailed steps on enabling Developer options).

Step #5 – Once the app downloads, a message may come up saying your TV is “not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”. You need to configure your device to allow unknown apps; click on Settings to begin this process:


Step #6 – Click on Developer Options if visible. If not visible, click on About, and when highlighting the Fire TV Stick option then press the center button on your remote 7 times to enable Developer Options:


Step #7 – Click the Back button, select Developer Options, then Install Unknown Apps, and make sure Downloader is turned on:


Step #8 – Go back to the Home menu and Select the Downloader app again:


Step #9 – Picking up from step #5, when the Downloader reopens, you should get a status screen – click Install to finish installing the new Cue Streaming app. If this doesn’t show, click on Files and select the cue.apk file to re-install it.


Step #10 – A white screen should come up. Click Install in the bottom right corner:


Step #11 – The Cue Streaming app should finish installing. When it’s done, click Open in the bottom right corner:


Step #12 – A blue screen should come up. Click on the Add new source option (ignore the two options below this):


Step #13 – Select Cue Streaming on the next screen:


Step #14 – Enter your Username and Password (the ones linked to your Cue Streaming account) in the boxes (ignore the other two server and output fields):


Step #15 – On the next screen, you can select which categories you want on the service. If you’re not familiar or a brand new customer, just leave everything as default and click Add when done:


Step #16 – On the next screen, the Cue Streaming box should already be checked, so click Done on the right hand side:


Step #17 – You may need to wait a few minutes for all the content to load. Once it’s finished, click Close. The new Cue Streaming app is now fully installed and you’re ready to go with the service.


Click here for Cue Streaming’s own guide on installing the new app launched in November 2023


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