How Much Does Cue Streaming Cost?

Cue Streaming are a newcomer to the TV/on demand streaming market, and if they want to compete with the current TV streaming services, the first thing you’d hope they would compete on is price. But exactly how much does a Cue Streaming account cost?

This is really the first thing most people want to know before considering switching to another service, and let’s start right off the bat by saying that the pricing of Cue Streaming compared to many TV/cable packages in the US is very attractive.

A Cue Streaming subscription costs $59.99 per month, and allows 5 devices to use the service at any time. There are no contract or set up fees, and you can cancel at any time.

In other words, it’s win-win – there aren’t really any downsides. The $59.99 monthly price tag might seem like a lot in itself, but when you realize many people in the US for example are paying several hundred dollars for their current cable, $59.99 is actually a very competitive price to basically give you a similar or identical service.

Some More Essential Facts On Cue Streaming

We’ve already covered the pricing – $59.99 per month, paid in advance. Now let’s cover some other facts readers might want to know about the service:

  • All standard payment methods are accepted.
  • You can use the service on up to 5 devices at any time.
  • They have a large selection of around 4000 US channels (more on this below).
  • There are no contracts or commitments and you can cancel any time.
  • There are no setups costs other than needing a Firestick to watch on TVs (see below).
  • An internet connection via a modem/router is still required to access the service.
  • There’s also a referral program, whereby if someone else signs up through your unique link, you get $6 recurring every month, plus second tier referrals (people that sign up off those people) get you $4 per month recurring (in other words, you keep collecting these credits as long as these people stay with the service). Therefore, with a few sign-ups from friends/family, you can effectively pay for the service with these referral credits and get it for free.

Are There Any Additional Setup Costs?

There are no additional setup costs directly imposed by Cue Streaming to get started with the service. For example, there are NO setup or installation or activation fees. They’re not charging you any extra money for sending routers or other equipment around, nor for sending round someone to install the service, like some other providers will. All setup is done by the customer, and usually is quick and easy.

Therefore, if you’re just watching on a desktop/mobile/tablet device, there’s literally NOTHING you need to pay apart from the $59.99. You sign up, pay the subscription, and then get email instructions on how to download the app to receive Cue Streaming on your device. And that’s literally it – you should be off and running with the service.

However, there may be a small indirect additional cost if you want to watch Cue Streaming on a TV and don’t already have a Firestick installed. The Cue Streaming service does require a Firestick device on every TV you want to watch the service with. Currently, Smart TVs don’t have the ability to receive the service directly; they need to receive it through a Firestick that’s attached to the TV.

Therefore, if you don’t have a Firestick, you will need to buy one to watch the service on a TV. The good news is that they’re available cheap online and are a one time inexpensive purchase. Plus many regular TV/streaming service users will already have them anyway.

Click here to view a Firestick Lite model on Amazon. Get one of these, or a Firestick 4K Max, and install it on your TV as instructed in the user guide, before moving onto the Cue Streaming setup steps listed below. Also see our complete step-by-step guide for installing and activating Cue Streaming on a TV with a Firestick, easily explained with screenshots.

Also, if you want to class it as an additional cost, you will still need an internet service from an ISP to receive Cue Streaming via your router. Internet isn’t “included” with Cue Streaming, but is required to access it. But this isn’t directly imposed by Cue and if you already use a TV/streaming service, you’re already going to have internet anyway.

However, if your current internet is bundled in with your TV package, and to cancel the TV you’d have to cancel everything including the internet as well, that does add an additional complication, since you’d have to set up with a new internet provider to still use Cue Streaming. Depending on the flexibility of your current package, this can sometimes be worked around and sometimes not so easily.

What Does It Cost If I Want To Use More Than 5 Devices?

If you’re wanting to use more than 5 devices at the same time on Cue Streaming, then it’s pretty simple – you’d just need to buy an additional subscription.

Therefore, if you had two active subscriptions, you’d be paying $119.98 per month, and would be covered for up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Although this doubles the cost, it’s still better than a lot of cable/TV packages, some of which can cost $200-300 per month with some providers, with additional setup fees, plus you’re sometimes locked into contracts you can’t immediately get out of. Cue Streaming has better pricing, plus with no contracts, it’s more flexible.

Is The Channel Selection Good On Cue Streaming?

A lot of people are probably going to be suspicious of the low pricing and wonder whether the channel selection is going to match what they already have with their current provider.

But in fairness, Cue Streaming has an excellent channel selection of around 4000 US channels across all categories (entertainment, comedy, sport, film, kids, PPV, documentary, music etc) with all major networks and channels covered.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some more popular American channels that are offered:

Pretty much everything is one there. As a rule of thumb, pretty much any channel you’re used to watching with your current TV provider, is almost certain to also be available on Cue Streaming. Their channel selection should get close to, and possibly match or exceed, what you’re getting right now, often for a lot less money as well.

See here for our guide on checking if a specific channel you want is available on Cue Streaming (you can do this without logging in or signing up).

Getting Started With Cue Streaming

For a lot of regular TV users, switching over to Cue Streaming is a no brainer, as they’d be getting a similar or identical channel selection than they do now, for a fraction of the cost.

If you do decide to switch and save some money, getting set up with them is usually pretty easy.

Here’s a run down of the general steps:

  1. Make sure you have an internet service, plus one Firestick per TV you want to use with the service.
  2. Go to the Cue Streaming website
  3. Click Sign Up and fill in your details
  4. Pay your subscription ($59.99/month, 5 devices per account, no contract, no set up fees, cancel anytime).
  5. Run through some easy initial setup depending on your device (TV setup is a bit more in depth but is not that hard)
  6. You’re good to go, watching most or all of the channels you currently watch.


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