Is Cue Streaming Legit? (Proper Answer)

There’s growing talk online about the new Cue Streaming service in America especially, but is it actually a legitimate service that’s worth looking into further? The low pricing seems to be what’s making a lot of people suspicious when they hear of it, like it’s too good to be true. They can’t be that much less than cable providers, right? There’s got to be a catch. Are they legit or a scam?

We’ve covered the Cue Streaming service in detail on this blog, so I think I’m in a reasonable position to comment on this, having looked into them extensively.

Cue Streaming is a legitimate streaming/on demand TV service, with an impressive channel and content selection and attractive pricing compared to many other cable packages.

There’s no evidence of any scamming or deception going on here. You pay your subscription, set up your devices, and you’re done, often paying much less than you were, as long as you’re happy with their channel selection. The customer does need to do all of the initial setup, which isn’t hard and helps to keep the costs down.

But Cue Streaming are a great alternative streaming platform that are aggressively undercutting a lot of cable providers for a very similar service, and are worth considering if you don’t like how much you’re paying to get all your current TV/entertainment/streaming content.

Cue Streaming Is A Real Streaming Service

Cue streaming a real, live, active TV and on demand streaming service. Real people are really signing up for it each day, and liking what they’re getting. There’s no con here. Though I should point out that as of the time of writing, it only seems to be available within the US and not globally yet, with a US channel selection (this will likely change at some point soon).

Here are some key facts and answered FAQs about the Cue Streaming service:

  • Costs $59.99/month for 5 devices (more devices need additional subscriptions)
  • No contract and cancel anytime
  • Works with almost all major devices – TV, desktop, phone, tablet, Mac, Chromebook (no support for games consoles yet).
  • Just a high speed internet connection required, plus some easy setup steps. That’s it.
  • You need an Amazon Firestick Lite or other model to use the service on a TV, one for each TV used (setup steps here).
  • All other devices use a WebPlayer that you’re given instructions on how to install and use.
  • Other than a Firestick for TVs, there’s no other additional equipment that needs buying/renting/installing. No routers, “hubs” or “boxes”. It just uses the existing internet connection from your router.
  • Loads of US channels in all major categories – sport, news, PPV, movies, kids, documentary, popular national networks, etc.
  • Loads of on demand content as well – popular TV series and movies available.
  • Excellent two tier referral program as well, where you earn recurring commissions from people you sign up using your own unique link, and also indirect commissions from people they sign up. By signing up others, you can effectively pay for the service using commissions and get it for free.

And that’s really it. There’s lots of positives to the service, and really no negatives other than having to set it up yourself (really not that hard anyway).

Why Is It So Cheap?

The low pricing is the main thing that will stand out to many skeptics, since it’s literally one third to one quarter the price of a lot of higher end US cable packages, for a pretty similar channel selection. How are they doing this? There’s got to be a catch, right?

I’ve looked into this and I honestly can’t find one. They do offer a great channel selection and a good content selection at a much better price than other providers. Simple as that. The terms are better as well – no contract and you just pay as you go, canceling any time if you want.

Here are some possible reasons why they’re able to offer their service so cheap:

All remote installation/service – They just use the existing technology and infrastructure that’s out there. You use your existing internet connection via your router, plus your own devices, with some extra setup, to use the service. No sending extra equipment or tech guys out to install or fix stuff, which keeps costs down. Customer support is remote as well, which is a reasonable trade-off if it keeps the price this low.

Christian company – As a Christian based company, I can only guess their primary aim is to provide entertainment to as many people as possible, instead of just gouging and ripping them off. The “Cue” in the name actually stands for “Communication Unites Everyone”, which might give some idea as to their purpose and mission statement. They don’t seem interested in just taking customers for the maximum possible profit, like a lot of telecoms/cable companies seem to be, which they should be lauded for.

What Channels Are Available?

In terms of channels, Cue Streaming have got everything any US based TV viewer would expect to have, and already watches on their current provider:

Here’s a quick snapshot of some popular US channels/networks offered:

As a general rule, pretty much any channel you’re used to watching right now, should also be on Cue Streaming. Use their channel search feature to check their library (you can do this on their website, without even needing to sign up).

As for more on demand content, like movies and TV shows, it’s also very good, but it may not exactly replace other services like Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu etc. It has it’s own library that’s not identical to other services, and may have some things others don’t, but also be missing things others have. Use the search feature on their site to check their selection and see if it’s got what you want for on demand content.

Is Seems To Good Be True. What’s The Catch?

It’s natural in this day and age for people to be skeptical about such a cheap service compared to competitors. There’s got to be a catch? If it seems too good to be true, it usually is, right?

Not everyone might be able to move across to them right away, but there aren’t any major catches or downsides I’m aware of. Here are some minor limitations and possible catches:

Content library – They have a very impressive, but not universal, channel and content selection. It may not be able to fully replace absolutely everything you currently watch on all other services, but it can probably cover most of it. US channel selection is top notch. For other on demand content, there might be one or two bits that you’d still need to keep other services for, like Netflix. The best bet is to use their channel search feature to check every single channel you’d normally watch is on there (you can do this on their site without even signing up). You can check their on demand content library as well (films, TV shows) – it’s good, but might not have absolutely everything you’d ever want yet, to be fair. One thing to note as well is there’s no explicit erotic content on there, as they’re a Christian company.

Internet connection required – You do still need an internet service via a wireless router to use the service, which can lead to what I call the “bundle trap”, where you can’t cancel your cable/TV, without also canceling the internet that’s bundled in with it. This can be more tricky to get out of.

Teething Problems – Because it’s quite a new service, there are some teething problems with errors, bandwidth issues, and so on, that can interrupt the service every now and then. They have an excellent Customer Support team, plus a private Facebook group you can use to help get any problems sorted. They’ve also just recently released a new streamlined app with better performance in November 2023 – see here for our new guide on installing this app both for new and existing customers.

DIY Setup – To keep costs down, there’s no tech guys you can call out to install the service or get stuff fixed. It’s all done by the customer, which can seem intimidating if you’re not technically minded, but it really isn’t. It’s just a few setup steps for desktop/mobile devices, and a bit more in depth process for using a Firestick with a TV, which we cover in detail here. And they’ve got good remote customer support if you need it.

USA Only – As of the time of writing, it’s not available globally – only in the USA for now, with a USA content selection. Global coverage is set to expand at some point, but it’s not clear when just yet.

Bottom Line – Is Cue Streaming Worth Trying?

If you can easily get out of your current cable/streaming packages and still have a good internet service, Cue Streaming is absolutely worth looking into at the very least, and trying if they’ve got the content selection you want.

Why would you pay 3 or 4 times what you need to for TV/streaming/movies when you don’t need to?

It’s really that simple. If you can get everything you currently watch on Cue Streaming, and you can switch over, why wouldn’t you?

They don’t lock you into any onerous contracts, so there’s not really anything to lose. Try it for a month and see what you think. Speak to existing customers on their Facebook page if you like, to get some testimonials.

Click here to get started with Cue Streaming.


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